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Die Die My Darling

I’ve feel like I’ve reached the limits of my knowledge. I sometimes doubt the wisdom I’ve inherited from my forefailures. It was fun for awhile—writing in such a self deprecating way—but I want to write about my design work in a living world, now, and not as party of some anonymous board game eulogy. It’s impossible to look forward when you’re always looking back. That said, we’re going to take a look back at two games that I refuse to give up on, and how I’m moving them forward.

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I recently read a great blog post from Micheal over at Gravitas Board Games, in which they discuss rebooting their current project, Fusion. In particular, it was about killing their darlings. Michael is a really nice guy, and we had a brief discussion about the topic. The idea stirred something in me. Naturally, I did what any writer worth their salt would do, and stole the idea. I started to think about the darlings I’ve killed, and those which’ve yet to be killed.

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Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment – 4. Magic: The Gathering Part II. The Third World

My first Magic experience was in middle school. It was much like my first kiss: bumbling, awkward, painful, and yet somehow altogether pleasing. My friends all had decks they’d been working on since the game had come out 6 months prior.

I begged my mom to take me to this game store 3 burbs down the El Camino (yet another in a long line of redundant the’s in street names). They had Magic starter decks, booster packs, life stones, dice, pouches to keep the stones and dice. It reminded me of Dungeons & Dragons, something I’d discovered a few months earlier. But it was just cards and I thought that would be easier.

All I could afford was the starter deck. So I took it home and I poured over the cards. I read the rules five, maybe six times so that I thought I understood vaguely how to play this game of tapping and attacking and interrupting. Then I took it all to school.

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Holiday in Cambodia – Part 4. Magic The Gathering Part I. The First World

I’ve decided to split my last post into two parts after some revision. Sorry it was so long. 

After only seven treatments, I’ve been released on my own recognizance, maybe upon my wife’s pleas, I’m not sure. It’s all been a bit cloudy up here in the noggin. Oh, I haven’t told you yet? I’ve just had shock treatment, which makes me more punk rock than Joey Ramone; and he’s dead. Although, I’m not entirely sure how long ago just is. AliceOh, Alice dear!electro-chock-therapy

In any case, that’s the primary reason my posts have been, and will likely continue to be, quite spotty. Ramones songs and images of 1940’s asylums aside, the procedure itself wasn’t that bad. Everyone was quite friendly—perhaps they were former clients. I even got away with a song requests after my 3rd treatment. Naturally, my first was the Ramones.

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King of the Absentee Landlords

Good gosh, jee willickers. I can’t believe anybody still comes to this place. There are dust bunnies dancing across the floor, and cobwebs everywhere, and bugs, lots of bugs…thus the cobwebs.

Well, I’ll get the broom out and I’ll put on some prince in loving memory. Okay, here we go:

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Showers, Landfills, and Mixed Metaphors

Are you tired? Do you feel alone? Do you get upset whilst driving behind idiots who’ve clearly received their driver’s licenses from a Sears?  I’ve got a feeling; let’s call it George.

George is a feeling I just can’t grasp. It’s like there’s something wrong with the universe and I’m pretty sure it’s me. I can distinguish George completely from sadness, depression, anxiety, self-pity, or self-loathing. It occupies it’s own emotional space on the spectrum, and all it really wants is a shower. Continue reading “Showers, Landfills, and Mixed Metaphors”


Anytime at All ̶ 3. Lanterns

Today we’re going to be talking about Lanterns. How they go, where they go, and what you can expect see when they get to where they’re going. Most of these things are true, some a bit of a stretch maybe, but true nonetheless. We’re going to talk about one of my favorite games of recent years, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. Continue reading “Anytime at All ̶ 3. Lanterns”


A Solo Gamer’s Manifesto

Hello, I’m Billy Board Game and I’m a solo gamer.

memberIt sounds like some kind of admission of wrong doing, doesn’t it? Solo gaming has been viewed as the dark underbelly of the table top world. A place where all of the seedy gamers go to make their nefarious plans against everyone who just want to play games with their friends and have a good time.

That was the way people viewed solo gaming. But lately, I have seen a great outpouring of support for solo gaming. From Kickstarter to Board Game Geek, solo gaming is now more accepted as a way to play table top games than any time before in history. Continue reading “A Solo Gamer’s Manifesto”


Teach Your Children Well

children20playing20video20gamesOur children learn so much more from gaming than we ever will. We are the Doom, and Quake generation. We subsisted on Risk and Monopoly. Fortunately, we have refined our palate and we are training fledgling gamers to further refine what is palatable to them. Continue reading “Teach Your Children Well”


I Saw Her Standing There – 2. Dragon Punch


Oh this? It’s my after dinner Cognac. The brand is quite interesting. The barrels are floated down the river Charente to a small port on the Atlantic where they are loaded by hand into a small sea going vessel sailed by immigrant sailors from the Ivory Coast.

Sometimes things get a little out of hand.

Every year for the season, they brave the North Atlantic squalls and icebergs to allow this Cognac to touch my lips. On board, they entertain themselves by having bear fisted battles, sometimes even with weapons or robotic appendages. The twist? The must do so without leaving a 4 ft line made along the deck.

Oh, that? That’s my bathrobe. Well of course I have clothes on underneath, I’m wearing shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. I’m not a pervert.

I understand that today is your 18th birthday. Is that correct? Well, have I got a game for you. Dragon Punch designed by Koen Hendrix and published in the US by Level 99 Games is a 2 player game which captures the essence of a 2-player fighting games all in 18 cards. Continue reading “I Saw Her Standing There – 2. Dragon Punch”


Please Please Me – 1. Euphoria

tower2bof2bbabel2bmetropolisThis is going to be an ongoing series where I discuss my favorite mechanisms and the scoring mechanisms who love them. All credit goes to Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games, except my writing which is 100% mine and copyrighted. So, get your filthy hands off. He has an awesome YouTube channel where he just smiles a lot and discusses his favorite mechanisms. There is an amazing amount of content on that channel and an amazing amount of charm in that smile. In honor of that contribution to this blog, I’m going to start out with one of Jamey’s games, Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. Continue reading “Please Please Me – 1. Euphoria”