Parky Interlude 002

Hello Everybody,

It’s a Sunday evening; the kids are all home; and everyone is watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Watching television is a campfire experience for us, not something we do frequently. We generally watch as a family. Instead, tonight I’m going to share something with you late Sunday readers (both of you).

I’ve thought a lot about whether to post video of myself when my medication has worn off. It’s ugly; I don’t like watching it. The video shows my Parkinson’s.

People with Parkinson’s get very good at hiding things. We hide our disease. We hide our symptoms. We hide away from the world. Sometimes you just get tired of hiding. So I’m not going to hide this. I’m going to show it to you because it sucks.

Parkinson’s is a disease clouded in mystery. It’s an old people disease. It’s like dementia and Alzheimer’s, and Lou Gehrig’s. It’s something you get from boxing or huffing paint or that girl down the street your mom warned you about. No one’s really quite sure what Parkinson’s is or what it does. I have it and I’m still not sure.

Parkinson’s informs every aspect of my life, but I’m not my Parkinson’s. I’m mother loving Billy Board Game with a gosh darn Dream.

So here is my Parkinson’s. Your mileage may vary.

If you know someone who has Parkinson’s please consider donating.



4 thoughts on “Parky Interlude 002

  1. Good on you for sharing this. I know very little about Parkinsons, so I appreciate being educated. And sympathies for you having to go through all that, it must really suck. But it’s even better to see your adventures with board game design. I look forward to seeing how it all develops.


  2. Thanks, Rob. I appreciate it. Sometimes I worry about showing this kind of thing because the last thing I want is for someone to pity me, but I’m glad you were able to get something out of it. Looking forward to reading your next article. Let’s keep in touch.


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