A Few Words About Family Before I Get Hitched

My partner and I have been together for 5 years. This marriage is little more than a legal confirmation of what we’ve already promised each other. That’s not to say that this won’t be a very special day, but we have been a family for awhile now. Together we have 3 wonderful children and we are raising them as gamers.

Thinking about this led me back to one of my reader’s blogs, Training a Gamer, in which he talks about his experiences playing games with his daughter. Reading it reminded me how much our family has bonded around the table.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.49.35 PMThere are a lot of geek parenting resources out there in the wilds of the Internet and I think it’s fantastic that gaming has become so much more socially acceptable. I hope for a time where you will see at least half a dozen good board games in the closet of every family.

Gathering around the table makes us a community and much more. So our family will continue to do so, hopefully for years to come.

Here’s to hoping your family can do the same.


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