To Avoid Failing Read This: Jamey Stegmaier

I’m not dead yet…

This week has seen a lot of personal struggle, a lot of thinking about and working on design, and a whole lot of down time due to Parkinson’s. This week hasn’t seen a lot of time for writing. I apologize for that.

So, this weeks TAFRT (not the best acronym but I didn’t feel like typing the whole thing out. Of course, it just dawned on me that I’m taking more time explaining why I used an acronym in this parenthetical than it would have taken me to type out the entire title ten times over) is Jamey Stegmaier. Yes. Everything.

If you’re a designer who has made the decision to Kickstart your game and you have not read everything Jamey Stegmaier has written on the subject you are failing. So go now and read it. Read it all. Here it is… read it. Because I swear, if I receive one more Kickstarter that…[EDITOR’S NOTE: I decided to delete this next bit because Billy ended up going off on a 10 page rant about poorly run Kickstarters for lackluster games. Rest assured, the only thing you’re missing is a bunch of swearing, name calling, eye rolling emoticons, and references to Hitler.]

Stonemaier Games Kickstarters are the most well respected, well run Kickstarters in the board gaming community. They put out consistently polished games that are fun to play. But the most impressive thing to me is that when you play a Stonemaier game, you know it.

While Jamey is most well known for his ability to run a top notch Kickstarter, reading his blog or viewing his YouTube channel, you get the sense that he does everything with that same mix of thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.06.33 PMI just noticed that his YouTube address is Cutebuns09 which made me spit coffee on my computer screen. #ThanksObamaJamey

I read his most recent article this morning, in which he writes about what the TV series Survivor has taught him about crowdfunding. His YouTube channel is primarily videos in which he discusses his favorite game mechanisms in particular games. The way he analyzes things is not only insightful and thought provoking, it’s worthy of emulation.

pic2323719I’m currently playtesting the solo variant of Stonemaier Games’ upcoming title, Scythethe game is fantastic by the way—and I’m truly amazed at how well run the playtesting is at Stonemaier. I’m really just astonished at the level of playtestin, not only in scale but in quality as well. I shouldn’t be, really. It’s being run with the same efficiency, sense of community, and enthusiasm as everything else at Stonemaier.

Crowdfunder_Strategy_Guide_StegmaierI’ll end this with a link to Jamey’s book about crowd funding: A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide. I haven’t read it yet. But based on the reputation of the author, I’d be willing to bet it’s worth a read.


9 thoughts on “To Avoid Failing Read This: Jamey Stegmaier

  1. Billy: Wow, thank you so much for writing this post. Your words flatter me. Though I wish for the life of me I could get rid of the Cutebuns09 name–that was a joke when I opened my Yahoo account like 20 years ago, and I’ve never been able to get rid of it. 🙂


    1. Every super hero has to have their achilles heel. You’re just happens to be adorkable. Seriously, thanks for doing all you do for the gaming community, Jamey. And I appreciate you stopping by my little corner of the Internet.


      1. No worries. It’s a natural assumption that if someone chooses the Moniker Billy Board Game he would be a Billy.


  2. On the subject of ‘cutebuns’ I almost died laughing when I took my wife to get some furniture she’d bought online.
    Naturally they asked for her ebay ID, and she had to announce in front of about 12 people that it was ‘JanetTheGoblinQueen’.
    Way back when I set up my ebay account I was CrispinTheGoblinKing. She asked me to set her one up so naturally…….

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