Yet Another Unfinished Project: MOS 657

Omaha Beach Blood

I was really excited when I came up with this one. I wanted to make a game that was in a war setting but focused on the military aidsman (medics) during World War II.

I intended it to be a pickup and deliver game but it was only on a certain setion of Omaha beach. The board was long and the object ended up being to get through the channel at the end of the beach and save as many troops as you can while getting there.

Every time a unit moves they run the risk of dying. There is no combat, it’s all just are they dead, greviously injured, wounded, or active. Counting saved lifes was tricky and I wrote in a rule that wounded patients could be treated and turned into active units the next turn.

MOS657 LogoThe AI simply picked a hex at random for the lines that your units had reach and rolled to see where the shell hits that round. So there was plenty for the medics to do, but all of it seemed rather dull. There was no pick up and deliver (unless you count getting casualties out of the ocean before they drown).

I Can’t tell you how many hours I spent pouring over information about D-Day and where the points of omahadefensesstruggle were. I went through reports used for citation. I collected maps of the different beaches broken down into subsections. It was really pretty amazing we didn’t cock up the whole thing, honestly.

But no matter how interesting the subject, the game simply wasn’t that interesting. I could have worked tirelessly iterating on the idea but I had already moved on. It just wasn’t going to be the thing I wanted it to be. This year a game came out that captured everything I wanted to say about war with a deck of cards and a few tokens. The game can be an extremely difficult, frantic co-op. The game is The Grizzled (Les Poilu
s in the original French).

pic2595195If you haven’t played The Grizzled, do yourself a favor. The game is being manufactured by Cool Mini or Not. Suprisingly enough, there are no minis in the game (cool or otherwise). Still, its one of the cheapest games you’
ll buy this year, and we’ve gotten more playtime out of it than any other Game in 2015.

Honestly, I’m not down on myself about MOS 657. There was some interest in the Solitaire Print and Play 2015 Contest so I’m sorry to those people that I couldn’t deliver.

A lot of game ideas turn out to be nothing. If you can’t handle that you probably shouldn’t seek this lifestyle. No matter how good an idea is in your head, if you can’t translate it into functioning game mechanics then it’s crap.

I’ve even done some experimenting with a solo variant but I’ve got a lot on my plate right now with my health and another project. It’s a project that might even turn me into a professional designer (meaning I have a designer credit in a published game). That’s huge because I’ll have to change the subtitle of the website. So for now at least, the solo variant of the Grizzled will have to wait. MOS 657 is being put to rest.

Status: Aboned


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