My First Winner – Everything Zen?

827913_1315611876591_fullI look bashful right now. It’s the type of look that one would get if one were to be suddenly kissed one’s forehead by a charming and lovely young woman named Snow White and one’s name was Bashful. Someone just congratulated me on a contest win. But this isn’t the first time. My first time? Well… it was special.

My first was a small completely unexpected win. It wasn’t the grand prize; I didn’t receive a ribbon or money (That’s not entirely true, I received some Geek Gold (or GG to the uninitiated) which has an exchange rate of something like 30:1 with the US Dollar). And I’m pretty sure I donated more GG to the contest than I got back in prize money.

Buried on
Buried on the 18th page of the forum thread are the winners of the contest. It was a great experience throughout. There were a few awesome people who really stepped up to ensure that the contest kept running through a great deal of adversity.

I tied for 1st place in the Best Abstract Game of the 2015 2-Player Print and Play Game Contest. Now, you might understand while I’m a tad awkward talking about it. It’s like being the flautist tied for 1st place in the best classical duet category of a high school talent show.

That’s not to take away from the contest. The contest is great, but there were only 10 entries in the category I won. I tied for first.

The game in question is called Sixteen Stone. It’s played on a small grid. It combines the pushing mechanism of Abalone with a tweak on the capturing mechanism of Go. That description is a lot to ask of 16 stones and a 5×5 grid but it delivers fairly well. It’s got a User Rating of 9 on BGG. Granted it has only 1 rating, but it wasn’t me.

How can you obtain this wonderful abstract game?  The print and play files for Sixteen Stone right here at no cost to you. Note that the components aren’t really necessary. Grab 8 of something in one color and 8 of something in another color, draw a 5×5 grid on a piece of paper and you have a copy of Sixteen Stone. Congratulations!

The rulebook, which you will probably need to download, is some of my best graphic design work in a manual. I didn’t end up winning anything for that. Partially because Todd Sanders’ graphic design work is always amazing and mine will nearly always look amateurish in comparison. But also because the graphic design on the game board and the stone tokens isn’t great.

So, wait

This post isn’t about you screwing up? What the hell! Why did I even come here. This was supposed to make me feel good about myself because of how utterly incompetent you are.

Sorry folks, not today. Come back another time or read the archives. I’m sure I’ll you’ll discover another story of misery and woe. But I’ve been designing incessantly. I eat, breathe, and sleep game design. I design while on the toilet… And now, I’ve gone several steps past the chalk line of decency. So, we’ll just step back over here and start the next paragraph, shall we?

What I did and what I set out to do: I designed a quick playing abstract game over a period of 3-4 weeks using minimal components; I created an abstract game that is an interesting puzzle; I playtested and iterated like a mad man; By jove, I finished it.

That’s pretty good for an amateur. So, yes I’m bashful, but inside there’s a tiny white man attempting to do the whip and nay nay as shown to him by his middle school children.

Sixteen Stone will be released into the public domain soon. I think it is the type of game that should be freely available. I will also be creating a Tabletopia module for the game and maybe even a Vassal module if I’m feeling frisky

SSLieDownA bit of blog business: My design posts are rapidly approaching the now, and while I’ve been cranking them out lately, eventually we’ll be talking about the now, and not the one that just happened.

The now is kind of scary and a little bit difficult. Maybe we can have that discussion next week over a nice cup of tea. You look travel-worn. Why don’t you have a good lie down somewhere.


One thought on “My First Winner – Everything Zen?

  1. Both component files and rules are now in the public domain and freely available at board game geek (link provided in the post above). Do with them what you will.


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