Kaiju Deck Destruction Award Entry

Judges can skip to the part entitled, Cardboard Edison Award Entry.

So this is unusual for me, but I think this blog post is a great opportunity to show off my work. I’ve entered the Cardboard Edison Award to recognize great unpublished games. I’m going to place my entry here. It will provide easy access for the judges and it will give you, my dear readers, an inside look into what I might do when I’m pitching a game. It might not be right, but it’s how I do it. Judges reading this, feel free to leave comments.

So Cardboard Edison has requested three things from entrants, a short written summary of the game, a video demonstrating a little of how to play and what makes the game special, and a copy of the rules document. I have it all right here. Have a look.

Cardboard Edison Award Entry


Kaiju: Deck Destruction is a small box game for 2-4 players that plays in about 20-45 minutes for ages 12 and up. Imagine yourself as a giant monster crushing neighborhoods, shopping malls, factories, nuclear power plants, condos, banking firms, and finally the capitol building. Defeat your opponents in brutal combat or focus on destruction the choice is yours.

Kaiju is tight, fast paced, and a whole lot of fun. Check out what differentiates Kaiju from the rest of the pack:

  • First, it’s a card-based deckbuilding game with no shuffling.
  • Cards aren’t wasted. You can take tokens for leftover cards.
  • Players may attack and cause each other damage.
  • Taking damage thins your deck.
  • As you heal you choose what to put back in your deck.
  • Buying the most expensive cards isn’t the only strategy.

The game has room for plenty of expansion. There are a whole lot of buildings out there. There are also character cards in development, as well as a solo variant utilizing a Kaiju Defense Force, which includes tank like walkers, and an airplane with drills on it’s wings.

The last Kaiju standing wins. If you can’t knock out all your opponents, the Kaiju who’s caused the most destruction takes the cake. Welcome to a brave, new world. A world where giant monsters roam the earth. But hey, at least the games are good.

The Video


The Rules Document

Finally, here is the link to the rules document in my dropbox.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s visited. I hope Kaiju makes the finals so I can dress up all in black wearing a navy peacoat and blackout sun glasses calling myself Billy Boardgame as I speak in 3rd person.


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