King of the Absentee Landlords

Good gosh, jee willickers. I can’t believe anybody still comes to this place. There are dust bunnies dancing across the floor, and cobwebs everywhere, and bugs, lots of bugs…thus the cobwebs.

Well, I’ll get the broom out and I’ll put on some prince in loving memory. Okay, here we go:

I’m terribly sorry. I don’t suppose putting Prince on shuffle is a good idea.

The funny thing is this is the first Prince song I can remember listening to, at the age of 16. I had a full 12 inches of mohawk. It was done up with wood glue. When I got into my girlfriend’s little Escort it would fold down as I entered and pop back up when I was settled. There are songs now that I’m sure I probably heard before that, but it’s the first Prince song I remember. It was amazing.

We were on our way to the nearest city. There was no shuffle on the tape deck, though. This was a mix tape, which is really sort of the same thing, only older. I didn’t even know who it was. It was my girlfriend’s mixtape and she told me who it was like I was from outer space. I’d never listened to Prince before and that song made me an instant fan. Right place, right time.

Prince has meant a lot of things to a lot of people. Most people remember him changing his name to a symbol and how that was ridiculed. Much laughter ensued. Kevin Smith went from idol worshipper to saying, “That dude is really, literally crazy.” Depending on your age and your taste level and idol worship, Prince has a song just for you.

He was sensitive, but sexual, and androgynous, but in a way that appealed to men and women alike. He was dangerous, and subversive but he always seemed to get away with That’s his immortality. His music alone would make him immortal, but his legacy is all the things he has done. It is all the things he has been to every one of us who has been touched by his music, or often, to his music.

This is my all time favorite Prince song. It reminds me of when my wife and I first started dating. I fell in love with this song, then I fell in love with her.

What’s your favorite Prince song? You can leave a comment, tweet me @billyboardgame, or find me on



Rest in peace dear Prince.


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