Kagami – Abstract Cooperative

Kagami Cover
1-4 Players
15-30 minutes

Rules Document

I’ve been working on this cooperative abstract for a while now. It uses an 8×8 (chess) board, 60 colored stones arrayed semi-randomly across the board leaving four empty spaces in the middle. Players attempt to mirror each other’s side or quadrant of the board (based on the number of players or the challenge level). This is a cooperative game meant to be played silently among the players (I would recommend playing a single game with communication to ensure everyone is familiar with the rules). It can be played solo. If so, I would recommend one of the more difficult settings or variants after the first couple of plays.

The rules are very simple and fit on one page front and back. Though the game was designed for two-players it will play from 1-4 Players using the variants listed at the end of the rules document.

I’d love feedback on the game and the rules document as well.

Here’s a picture of a game in action:



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