Game Designs

This will eventually be a listing of all of my game designs from early 2013 to the present. Each will provide a short description of the game and it’s current status.

Sphere of Influence
Players take on the roll of world powers attempting to overthrow each others puppet governments. Each player has a 3×3 grid of face down cards representing the countries under their influence. Each round a player will choose an opponents cell to flip over and either fight over that cell or deal with any traps laid in that cell. The objective is to take down at least 5 of your opponents influenced countries.
Status: Abandonded

Explore new maps, plan and lead expeditions anywhere from Mt. Everest to the South Pole. Choose your team, buy your gear, and saddle up for adventure as you make your way into the history books.
Status: Abandoned

Das Schloß (The Castle)
You are the protagonist K and have just arrived in the village. Every location is locked except for the Bridge Inn at the near end of the board. As you meet with new characters, you can move to new locations and unlock them. Ultimately, you are trying to unlock enough locations to climb high enough up the bureaucratic ladder to meet with Klamm. If you meet with Klamm, you win the game.
Status: Shelved

Code Mage  (Part IV, Part V, Part VI)
You are a powerful wizard in the virtual world of the Simulacrum. Pit your avatar against rival wizards in a deadly arena known as the grid. Mod your avatar with weapons and armor, cast spells to mystify your opponent. Slay your opponent’s avatar or force him off the grid to be dematerialized and you will be the reigning Code Mage.
Status: Shelved

Kaiju: Deck Destruction (Part 1, Part 2)
Roam the city as a giant monster and destroy everything in your path, including your friends. Kaiju is a unique deck building game where you do damage directly to your opponents deck. The last monster alive or the one who has caused the most destruction after the city has been destroyed wins the game.
Status: Active

Kids, clean your room! You have one week to impress your parents so you get the keys to the car Friday night. The problem? You’re stupid little brother has the same idea. Compete for the favor of your parents in this worker placement game by doing the most chores. And make sure you do your homework.
Status: Abandoned

Shogun Must Die!
Shogun Must Die! is a hidden movement game where each player obfuscates their movement by the use of several identical game pieces (with one having a special mark on the bottom of it). As a ninja, you must sneak your way into the Shogun’s heavily guarded compound, find him, assassinate him, and get out before the guards have you surrounded and you are killed.
Status: Complete

Heist is a card drafting game in which players work as master thieves: to develop crews, find jobs, and make heists. But they must still beat the heat.
Status: Abandonded

Side Effects May Include…
Side Effects May Include… is a Screw Your Neighbor party game for the overmedicated. Players take on the role of pharmaceutical companies attempting to pass their drugs through a government review process.
Status: Complete


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