The Great Micro Game

The 19th century empires of Russia and Britian engaged in a series of strategic conflicts in Central Asia known as The Great Game. Relive that history in only 18 cards.

Based loosely on the COIN system, the Great Micro Game features a solitaire variant known as K1M (Kiplings 1-Player Mode). Despite the name, this allows you to play as either the British or Russian Empires.

Originally an Entry for the 2015 18-Card Microgame Contest and the Mint Tin Contest, it won 1st place for Top 3 Designs by Guest Judge Chris Hansen.

BGG Database Entry

Designers Notes: This is my most requested design by far. It’s been around since 2015 and the reason I’ve kept it on ice for so long is that I’ve been working on a new Battleline system that I wanted to implement with this game. Still, it stands well enough alone to see a full release. The rules are quite complex for a 16 card game and I was pleased with the look and overall feel of it. The Great Game fields of study in history.

The Core Edition is the initial contest release for the Mint Tin Contest which one a Guest Judge Prize awarded by Chris Hansen. This is the more thoroughly playtested edition of the game. The Alternate Edition (featuring a YouTube instructional video) is less thoroughly playtested, and isn’t quite optimized for solo play. If you’re wanting the solo experience I would recommend the Core Edition to the Alternate.


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